Walking on the Roof of a Metal Carport Safely!

Whatever the reason may be, there are times that you’ll need to walk across your carport. For most people, it could be to clear branches and leaves. Others might be preparing a new deck on top of the carport. But when it comes to walking across metal carports, you must take precautions to do so safely.

Under the right conditions, you can safely walk on the roof of a metal carport without being injured.

Depending on where you live, you might get a lot of rain or even icy conditions. Walking on metal in rain or ice can potentially spell disaster without taking some safety precautions. So, before you climb up on your metal carport, check out some helpful tips to keep your legs from going over your head.

Can You Walk on a Metal Carport?

Usually, a bit of morning dew wouldn’t be a cause of great concern. However, if you’re unaware of how to walk on your carport safely, a bit of morning dew can lead to a very eventful day. 

Before you step foot on a metal carport, check off these steps:

  • Shoes- The best shoes to wear are those with rubber-soles and dependable traction. If you’re slipping on a wet sidewalk, chances are you’ll fall on a metal carport. Before going up on your roof, check your shoes’ traction in an area that you won’t get hurt.
  • Ladder Position- Always make sure that your ladder is at least three feet above the edge of where you’re climbing onto the roof. Positioning your ladder at an angle over your roof will allow you something extra to hold as you’re getting onto the carport. Taking steps to make sure your ladder won’t fall over and is correctly angled will help lessen the chances of your ladder falling or getting stuck on your carport. Having a spotter at the bottom of the ladder is always best regardless of the height of your ladder.
  • Safety Harness- You can find fall protection gear online or at home improvement stores that will provide that extra layer of protection as you work on your carport. While the goal is not slipping, accidents can happen, so having a safety harness will protect you from falling from your metal carport.
  • Stabilizers- Exactly as they sound, these brackets help stabilize your ladder and give extra room between your roof and ladder. 

By using the above safety precautions, you can save yourself some hefty medical bills. According to PHP Systems/Design, “Falls account for three-fourths of all fatalities in the roofing industry.” 

How to Strengthen a Metal Carport

One popular reason to go up on the roof is to reinforce weaker areas. To further protect yourself from falling (this includes falling through the roof as well) you can:

  • Replace bent, or flimsy, panels with stronger-gauged metal.
  • Place corner braces onto the corners.
  • Use rebar spikes to anchor your carport into the ground.
  • For heavier loads, you can add snow braces inside the roof, at the center. These mounts add an extra layer of strength to your metal carport

While most metal carports are easy to maintain, there are several reasons you’d want to strengthen your carport, including intense storms with high winds and old, rusted metal.

How Much Weight Can a Metal Carport Hold?

Construction workers make carports to withstand weather conditions like rain, wind, and snow. But different materials can handle and bear different weights.

  • Alumawood- While it looks similar to wood, Alumawood is actually in the aluminum family. Alumawood can usually hold around 20-40 pounds of snow, depending on the specs.
  • Aluminum- One of the most popular options due to its sturdy build and high weight capacity. Aluminum carports are usually thick and can hold around 20-40 pounds of snow.
  • Steel- Because of its long lifespan and sturdy build, steel is one of the more expensive options. If you coat your steel with weatherproof paint or another protectant, you can extend its life and make sure your steel doesn’t rust quickly. Depending on the thickness, steel carports can hold around 20-40 pounds of snow.

Most metal carports can withstand snow’s weight, but this will depend on the thickness and material you use.

Before You Buy a Metal Carport

Metal carports are sturdy and have decent lifespans, making them a popular choice for those building carports. Before investing in your metal carport be sure that you consider the following:

  • Size Required
  • Cost
  • The Seller
  • Material
  • Setup Location
  • Warranty of your Carport

By having the above information handy, purchasing your metal carport will not be as grueling a task.


The most crucial aspect of walking on any metal carport is safety. By having the correct shoes, a safety harness, and using proper ladder techniques, you can safely walk on your metal carport without the fear of falling.

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