Are Metal Garages Built on Site?

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Metal garages present the ultimate storage space for your vehicles and belongings. These sturdy structures are purposed-built to your specifications with only the features you desire. There are only a few building codes for them too. You just need one built.

Depending on the construction company, you can have your metal garage built on-site or prefabricated at a manufacturing facility. Some places will send you kits you can use to assemble your garage yourself. Many of them will even provide counseling to help you decide which construction format works best for your site and structure.

These advisors will evaluate your place to see how their crews can access your desired location. This information Is what determines if you must have your garage built on-site or not.

Metal Garage Construction Options

Metal garage construction comes in several different formats. Some construction companies will build the structure in the factory before delivering it to your property. Others will assemble the components once they arrive at your site. Then, there are those companies that will send you prefabricated kits you can assemble yourself.

You will find a few places that will offer all three construction formats and some who will let you pick up the parts from their warehouse yourself. Either way, you are guaranteed to get a custom, premium built structure installed at your convenience.

While most firms will try to accomplish the task according to the wishes of their customers, you may not have access to all metal garage build options. It all comes down to how accessible your build site is to the road. Other circumstances that may forbid one construction area over another include the complexity of the build and local building code regulations.

Metal Garages Are Built on Site if Accessible

The location of your metal garage build site is by far the most important factor in determining if the job can or will be done on-site. To build the shelter of your dreams, the builders must have access to the site where you want it.

Beyond that, you can only have your garage made right before your eyes if the crew can get their equipment to the site. If trees or nearby buildings block the location, they can impede the build while they limit the size of the garage. The site may also be too much of a safety risk for the builders themselves.

The opposite might be true if the site is inaccessible from the road. The builders may opt to build on-site if they cannot drop a prefabricated structure on your desired location. Prefab buildings come on trucks which lower the structure into place. If the truck cannot get to the drop-off, then the builders have no choice but to build it there. 

Local Regulations Can Play a Role Where Buildings Are Made

Another important consideration of whether your builders can make your metal garage on-site is the local building codes. While most locations only have a few codes for secondary buildings such as garages, they may require on-site construction. For instance, the builders may choose to build on location if your garage requires a cement slab foundation. 

Another important regulation to note is the complexity of your design. If you need a higher sidewall than normal, on-site construction may be your only option. Other design features may be safer and more economical for everyone if they were pre-made elsewhere. 

Most construction firms will discuss the construction needs of your design with you before they erect any metal sheet or beam. This way you will know which parts of the build can be done on location, and which must be built off site and shipped to you. 

Money is Always a Factor

While metal construction materials are cheaper than they were, they still price higher than most other materials. Therefore, most metal buildings, including garages, tend to be partly premade before they arrive at their location. 

Still, the cost may not be a hindrance to on-site construction. Many builders offer prefab kits where they pre-make the components which they will later assemble by hand once they arrive on your property. This mode of construction reduces the required fieldwork, lowering the price to something manageable. 

Fortunately, you can have these prefab parts customized and precision-engineered to your needs. This prefabrication can reduce installation time as well, letting you enjoy your new garage is only a matter of days. The construction format works so well that it is becoming the standard way metal building are made. It can also be your cheapest option depending on your design and desired features. 

Prefabricated Metal Storage Building Options

Companies now offer a variety of prefabricated options for your Metal Garage Buildings.

  • Extended Wall Heights Up to 16’, For More Clearance.
  • Windows And Walk-In Doors For Easy Access Or To Let Air Or Light In.
  • Different Size Roll-Up Doors Or Placement. You Can Custom Design Your Building As Needed.
  • Helical/Asphalt Anchors For Certification On Ground Or Asphalt.
  • 12 Gauge Frame Upgrade From The Standard 14 Gauge Frame For Higher Snow Load.
  • Many Color Choices Are Available For The Roof, Walls, And Trim Colors.
  • Higher Snow Load Or Wind Rating To Meet Local Codes.

You can also build custom configurations according to your needs and specifications, including different-sized roll-up doors, roll-up doors on the side, specific widths or lengths, and more. Try Our 3D Custom Builder To See All Of Your Options Available.

Custom Metal Storage Buildings

The Regular Style (Standard Rolled-Corner Type/Barn Style) and the Boxed Eave Style (A-Frame Type/Traditional Style) both come standard with the Horizontal Roof Design. The Boxed Eave Style can be built with the Vertical Roof Design. Each type can be constructed with either a 14 gauge or 12 gauge frame. The ridges of the steel panels on a Horizontal Roof Design run parallel to the sides of the garage.

On the Vertical Roof Style, the ridges of the steel panels run from the top of the carport to the sides. Each roof type can also serve as the metal frame of any full or Partial Enclosure, or any type of custom job you may require.

There is a wide selection of Large Triple Wide Steel Garage Buildings for sale ranging in sizes from 12’-30’ wide and 21’-51’ long or greater. Custom sizes are available with additional lead time. Any custom sized metal storage building is priced the same as the next size up. For example, if you were to purchase a 26′ 6″ wide large carport it would be the same price as a 28′ wide large carport, and so on.


Metal garages are a popular alternative to wood-based structures. They stand up better to thieves,  the weather, and other elements of nature.  Plus, they give you a nice place to store your vehicles, toys, bicycles, furniture,  additional belongings, and all sorts of stuff.  Over-all a metal-covered garage structure is a great way to protect your car from heavy rain, and snow. It also prevents falling debris and windshield freeze.  You must build them first to really appreciate their benefits. Luckily, with the newer, more efficient prefabricated construction format, many metal garage styles can be built to order on location.  Click here to see over 120 options to choose from.

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