Are Metal Buildings Popular ? | Why Use Steel Frame Metal Structures?

Steel frame metal structures are among the most robust and reliable buildings in existence. Though it is not always the first material people think of when constructing a brand-new building, it is undoubtedly one of the best. 

Steel frame structures offer an extensive list of advantages to property owners. For one, these buildings are more sustainable in their production, transportation, and recyclability. They are also cheaper in the long run, partially due to their incomparable durability. Their versatility is also unprecedented, especially when compared to wood.

Steel frame buildings are growing in popularity – and for good reasons! These structures offer a substantial number of advantages that cannot be beaten by other materials such as concrete, brick, and especially wood. Below you’ll find twenty-five reasons why you should consider a steel frame building as your next property. 

The Sustainability of Metal versus Wooden Buildings

Even in the bigger picture, metal – especially steel – is the superior material, as it is far more sustainable than wood: 

  1. While the energy demand for steel production has decreased by over 60% in the last 60 years, the environmental impact of lumbering operations such as logging continues to rise exponentially. 
  2. Water loss associated with steel production has been cut back by up to 10%. The activities used to extract wood, on the other hand, continue to endanger drinking water and reduce forests’ abilities to absorb adequate levels of moisture into the soil. (Source: Construction Executive; Science Daily; Science Daily)
  3. Steel is much lighter than wood, enabling transporters to carry more at a time, thus, shrinking their carbon footprint. This also helps drivers save on fuel costs. 
  4. Metal is much more readily recycled than wood. Since it cannot degrade as rapidly or as extensively as wood, it stands a much better chance of being repurposed after fulfilling its structural purpose. 

How Metal Buildings Outperform Wooden Structures

Steel frame metal structures are better than wood on a more personal level as well:

  1. As mentioned above, metal has a much higher burning point than wood does. This dramatically reduces the chances of a barn fire occurring.
  2. Steel frame structures cannot succumb to fungal and bacterial infestations in the way that wood can. 
  3. Whether you are housing animals, sheltering people, or storing equipment, metal buildings offer much greater protection than wooden ones. Wood is much more easily compromised and damaged than metal.
  4. Metal structures are significantly more resistant to environmental pressures than wood. Seasonal cycles of rain, snow, heat, and wind will not wear down metal buildings as quickly as they do wood. Steel frame structures also will not warp as a result of moisture like wood does.
  5. Metal does not attract the pests that wood does. You will not have to worry about the building being targeted by termites, beetles, wasps, bees, and other wood-boring insects, since it is not comprised of appealing plant material like wood.
  6. Steel framing is highly advantageous for a building’s design efficiency. Since it has a better strength-to-weight ratio than wood, constructing a building with steel results in a sturdier structure. 
  7. With steel framing, bays can be much larger than they typically are with wooden buildings. This allows for greater flexibility in the building’s layout, offering more square-footage for usable floor space.
  8. Steel frame buildings are usually far more resistant to earthquakes and other potentially threatening weather events than wooden structures. (Source: Metal Building Manufacturers Association)

Metal Structures Can Save Property Owners Money

Metal buildings are also significantly beneficial to those working with a relatively tight budget:

  1. When steel frame buildings are constructed, the steel fabrication typically occurs at the shop, rather than on-site. This saves a substantial amount of time (and money).
  2. Since the construction period is shorter, and the amount of on-site labor is reduced, the costs associated with steel frame buildings are much lower than those for wooden structures.
  3. Due to its strength and durability, metal lasts much longer than wood, meaning that you will get much more for your investment in terms of use over the years. 
  4. You will eliminate the financial burdens that are typically associated with having a wooden building: pest control, restoration services, insurance co-pays (if an accident such as a fire or flooding were to occur), and more. 
  5. The relatively light weight of the steel also reduces shipping costs, since you can have more transported at once, compared to shipping wood.

The Versatility of Steel frame Structures versus Wood

Steel frame metal structures are far superior to wooden buildings because of their versatility in design potential (Source: urdesignmag):

  1. Architects with the privilege of working on steel frame construction projects have endless options concerning the building’s aesthetic composition. This presents more opportunities for design to be customized exactly to your needs. 
  2. Property owners that require open floor plans will have greater design flexibility with steel frames, as such layouts can be difficult to achieve with wooden framing.
  3. Under the right conditions, steel can be malleable. This offers far more freedom in architectural creativity, as the steel can be manipulated to create a distinctive, artistic structure, or simply adapted to fit your desired dimensions. 
  4. The options for what type of building you can construct are greatly expanded, again due to steel’s malleability. Architects have put together all sorts of buildings from modest homes and barns to massive skyscrapers and airplane hangars.
  5. Steel framing can be used along with other materials. If you so desire, you can use the steel frame to give your home that extra layer of security and durability while applying brick on the outside for an antiquated or cottage-style appearance.

Why a Steel frame Building is Safer than Wood

Finally, steel frame buildings are the best option for your and your loved ones’ safety (Source: 

  1. As mentioned above, steel’s ability to withstand extreme environmental events such as earthquakes makes it ideal for buildings in seismic zones. 
  2. Steel frame buildings are better suited to stand their ground against high winds due to the material’s ability to bend and absorb high-energy impacts. 
  3. Many steel frame structures are specifically designed to be blast resistant. In case of an explosion, your building would remain standing, as the frame composition protects against collapse.

In Conclusion

Steel frame metal buildings offer more advantages than those composed of other materials such as brick, concrete, and wood. These structures are far more durable, sustainable, and versatile than any other, offering unmatched convenience and savings to property owners. 

These buildings have been booming in popularity as of late, and the reasons are clear: Steel frame structures outperform all other materials in their versatility and practicality. For property owners looking for new buildings, set your eyes on steel as your material of choice. 

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